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Southern France Halal Tours

Discover the beauty of southern france while staying at the beautiful Hôtel Source de la vallée

Day 1 - Gouffre de Padirac, Rocamadour, Rocher des aigles

Gouffre de Padirac

An iconic natural cave plunged 75m beneath the surface with over 40km of underground river network


An ancient sacred city gripping to a monumental cliffside, dotted with church chapels

Rocher des aigles

An ornithological parc brought alive by spectacular flying shows from vultures to parrots… everybody will be amazed

Day 2 - Grotte de lascaux, Montignac, Les jardins d’eyrignac

Grotte de lascaux

Discovered in 1940 this prehistoric man cave exhibits hand painting sand many discoveries


A quaint French village next to the famous caves of Lascaux

Les jardins d’eyrignac

The ‘green garden’ lost in the heart of the Black Perigord astounds all with hues of winter mint and evergreen.

Day 3 - Tulle, Château de val, Aqua Parc


The capital of Corrèze, enjoya moment to discover the historical architecture of this charming city

Château de val

Renowned as the best preserved and most remarkable of castles in France

Aqua Parc

An afternoon within view of the castle Val to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake which entours the Chateau

Day 4 - Castelnaud, Domme, Jardin de Marqueyssac


This magnificent fort castle offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Dordogne Valley


Named France’s most charming village, pitched on top of a sweeping valley

Jardin de Marqueyssac

Discoverr 22 hectares of carved garden walls and plunging views

Day 5 - Train de Martel, Denoixet Brive, Les pans de Travassac

Train de Martel

Discover the beautifu lDordogne valley aboard an idyllic steam train

Denoixet Brive

The last living distillery in France where fresh local nuts are mascerated in coppervats

Les pans de Travassac

An exceptional guided voyage in the natural protected site providing it’s own spectacle of astounding ardoiseries

Day 6 - Sarlat, La roque Gageac, Château de Beynac


Classed as France’s artistic and historical capital, this town seduces all curiosities

La roque Gageac

Enjoya boat ride along this lovely cliff village, known for it’s micro climate

Château de Beynac

One of the last authentic and exquisitely preserved fortress castles, in the heart of the Black Perigord

Day 7 -  Gouffre de proumeyssac, Château des Milandes, Gavage d’Oie

Gouffre de proumeyssac

The largest cave in the Périgord bursting with crystallized underground wonders

Château des Milandes

Visita goose farm for a guided tour of traditional methods and taste local products made at the farm

Gavage d’Oie

This château harmonises the Gothic and Renaissance architecture and blooms witha magnificent garden

Day 8 - Grottes de Lacaves, Beaulieu-Sur-Dordogne, Collonges la Rouge

Grottes de lacaves

Discover this astounding natural limestone cave glowing with several magical lakes


Visit this lively stone village with it’s beautiful waterfront church, followed by a river boat trip

Collonges la rouge

A quaint historical village unique for it’s redbrick houses and renowned for it’s artisitc pottery



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